Identity \ Collateral Design | Chaminade College Preparatory approached us to invigorate the school logo. The challenge was to simplify and vitalize the existing crest, but make it current and meaningful. We redesigned the cross and “M” to impart the strength of character and conviction of the Marianist beliefs and traditions. The tapered ribbons represent Chaminade’s ability to adapt and meet the demands of a changing environment, whether scientifically, technologically or culturally.

Chaminade also wanted us to develop an Admissions brochure that stood out from the usual marketing piece that is so integral to schools. We came up with a solution that presented the key features of the school, while at the same time positioning Chaminade as an incredible learning center with the Catholic faith, theatre, athletics, science and the arts being important components of the academic system. We used a heavy satin stock as the paper of choice and with a SoftTouch varnish throughout, the Admissions brochure conveyed a feeling of value, indicative of an education from Chaminade.

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